Under the Charter, the BECC and NADB have a shared Board of Directors, while each institution has its own officers and staff.

Board of Directors

The BECC-NADB Board of Directors consists of ten members: five from the United States and five from Mexico. The chairmanship of the board alternates between U.S. and Mexican representatives every year. 

All powers of BECC and NADB are vested in the Board of Directors, which determines policy within the framework of the Charter, and approves all project certifications and financing proposals with NADB funds.  All decisions of the Board require the assent of a majority of the directors appointed by each country. 


NADB management consists of a managing director and a deputy managing director, who are appointed by the Board of Directors. Under the Charter, the managing director must be a U.S. or Mexican citizen, and the deputy managing director must be a citizen of the country not represented by the managing director. The offices of the managing director and deputy managing director must alternate between the two countries every five years. 

As the chief executive officer and legal representative of the NADB, the Managing Director reports to the Board and is responsible for carrying out its directives, as well as for the organization and day-to-day operations of the bank. The Deputy Managing Director serves as the bank’s chief operating officer and supports the Managing Director in fulfilling his/her duties. Under the direction of the Board, they oversee development of the bank’s current and long-range objectives, policies and procedures.

The management team is formed by:

  • Alex Hinojosa, a U.S. citizen, named Acting Managing Director.
  • Calixto Mateos, a Mexican citizen, named Acting Deputy Managing Director.


Bank operations are carried out through seven departments, as illustrated in the organizational chart below.

Click on the department for details:


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