Jose Bernardo Salas

Director of Risk Management & Control

With over twenty years of international experience in finance and risk management, Bernardo Salas joined NADBank in 2015. As Director of Risk Management and Control, he oversees and manages operational and financial risks, as well as develops and recommends policies and strategies.

Bernardo previously served as chief financial officer for several companies, including IPBell and Seguritech, where he was responsible for the strategic planning, development and leadership of corporate finances, with complete autonomy in decision making for these two technological companies.

Prior to these positions, Bernardo served as Latin American Risk Manager for GE Advance Materials, where he was responsible for cash conversion, operations and accounting. He also has extensive experience in the financial sector, having worked at Merrill Lynch. Early in his career, he worked for more than five years in different sectors of the Mexican federal government, including the Office of the President of Mexico and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master of Business Administration, with a concentration in corporate finance, from the University of Dallas.

A native of Mexico City, Bernardo and his two daughters reside in San Antonio, Texas.