Report Prohibited Practices


NADBank operates with high standards of integrity in fulfilling its mandate and ensuring good stewardship of its resources. NADBank employees and third parties working with NADBank shall maintain high levels of integrity, accountability, and efficiency.

Allegations of misconduct by NADBank staff or by individuals related to projects or activities supported by NADBank, including but not limited to, allegations of corruption, fraud, waste, money laundering, financing of terrorism, retaliation against whistleblowers or sexual harassment, abuse or exploitation can be reported using the following process:

Filing a Complaint

While a complaint can be filed anonymously, doing so could significantly limit NADBank’s ability to obtain additional information or complete an investigation. Individuals who file a complaint may request that their identity remain confidential if they believe disclosing it may lead to hardship or place them in danger.

Complaints should be submitted without fear of reprisal or retaliation of any type by NADBank. Any such act of reprisal or retaliation should also be promptly reported to NADBank, which shall ensure that such incidents are investigated fully, taking into consideration conflict of interest principles. NADBank will take all available measures within the capacities of the Bank to protect whistleblowers or witnesses from reprisal or retaliation if they so request.

Complaints can be sent to the attention of NADBank’s Office of General Counsel at: 203 S. St, Mary’s, San Antonio, Texas 78205 or electronically using the form below.