Our team is led by a group of highly experienced professionals committed to fulfilling NADB’s mission as a leader in binational cooperation aimed at catalyzing environmental infrastructure investments and achieving sustainable development in the communities it serves. 


The Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director and the Chief Environmental Officer are appointed by the Board.

The managing director, as chief executive officer and legal representative of NADB, reports to the Board and is responsible for carrying out its directives, as well as for the organization and day-to-day operations of the Bank.

The deputy managing director serves as the Bank’s chief operating officer and supports the managing director in fulfilling his/her duties.

The chief executive environmental officer is responsible for implementing within NADB the purpose, functions and operations formerly performed by the Border Environment Cooperation Commission, as well as verifying the environmental integrity of all operations of the Bank.

The offices of the managing director and the deputy managing director must alternate between nationals of the two member countries. The managing director and the deputy managing director must be nationals of different countries at all times. The managing director and the deputy managing director each may serve up to two terms of four years. The chief environmental officer will serve a term of five years, which may be renewed.



Infrastructure Financing & Financial Services

  • Project development & certification for loans
  • Financial analysis and services
  • Loan structuring and closing

Project & Loan Administration

  • Project implementation
  • Project closeout
  • Loan administration

Grant Financing

  • Management of grant funding
  • Project development & certification
  • Project implementation and closeout

Technical Assistance

  • Studies and training
  • Results measurement & impact assessments
  • Support for Border 2020 and other federal environmental programs

Public Affairs

  • Governmental and legislative relations
  • Media and community relations
  • Publications and events


  • Provides advice on all legal matters
  • Ensures compliance with Charter and other legal requirements
  • Provides guidance on ethical issues

Risk Management & Control

  • Risk assessment and management
  • Control and compliance
  • Information and document management


  • Asset & liability management
  • Liquidity management
  • Accounting and financial reporting


  • Budget and office administration
  • Human resources
  • Information technology