Project Studies & Designs

NADB offers technical assistance to help border communities and other project sponsors develop environmental infrastructure projects for financing and implementation, as well as to strengthen their financial performance and reinforce the long-term sustainability of their projects.

Technical assistance grants are available to support utilities, state and local governments and their agencies, and other sponsors of projects that have been certified or sponsors who are actively developing specific projects for financing by NADB.

Types of Eligible Studies

  • Project design and related development studies
  • Financial studies 
  • Analyses of administrative operations
  • Analyses of technical operations
  • Legal and regulatory analyses
  • Information and management system studies
  • Pilot environmental infrastructure projects and research studies.

For full descriptions on the types of eligible studies, please read the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) Guidelines.

Funding Terms & Conditions


Technical assistance is only available to support the development of projects located within the geographic jurisdiction of NADB.

Funding Limit

Grants may be awarded in amounts of up to US$250,000. In the event the project represents a regional effort where more than one community is involved, the amount awarded may be up to US$350,000.

Sponsor Contribution

The project sponsor or other project partner is expected to cover at least 10% of the cost of the study.

Funding Timeline 

The time period from approval of the technical assistance grant to the initiation of the study may not exceed nine months. Grants for studies that do not comply with this timeframe may be cancelled.

For more detailed information regarding grant eligibility, uses and terms, as well as the process for approving and implementing studies see the TAP Guidelines.

Receiving technical assistance through the TAP program does not imply or guarantee NADB project financing.

How to Apply

Project development assistance grants are available to project sponsors who are applying for infrastructure financing from NADB.

Be prepared to provide the following information regarding the type of assistance required:

  • Name or brief description of the infrastructure project under development for which technical assistance is needed.
  • A brief description of the study or activity for which assistance is being requested.
  • Estimated cost of the study or activity.
  • Amount of NADB technical assistance requested.
  • Identification of other funding sources for the study