Our Impact in the United States


Infrastructure projects
certified and funded

3.4 million

people benefited




million gallons a day (mgd) of water treatment capacity


mgd of wastewater treatment capacity

41.5 billion

gallons of water saved in irrigation districts



projects to improve waste collection and disposal in four counties and two communities


992 MW

of renewable energy generation capacity installed, helping prevent 1.49 million tons/year of CO2 emissions

Project Type

Water & Wastewater
Waste Management

Infrastructure Financing

With its own resources, leveraged borrowings, and grants from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NADBank is transforming border communities with sustainable infrastructure, benefiting 17 million residents in the border region.


billion in Loans and Grants

Has Leveraged


billion Total Investment

Financing by Program

$909 million


$44.5 million


$336.1 million


BEIF - Border Environment Infrastructure Fund funded by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Technical Assistance

NADBank provides grant support to help project sponsors strengthen their financial performance and ensure the long-term sustainability of their infrastructure through studies related to project planning and design, as well as for capacity building measures aimed at achieving effective and efficient operation of public services.

The following numbers are for TA projects after 2015 (post NADBank/BECC merger). For TA data prior to 2015, please visit our TA Historical Data page.


NADBank Funding


Projects Completed since 2015

Project Development

Grant assistance is used to fund studies and develop documentation intended to help the project achieve certification, as well as to support the long-term sustainability of the project.


  • Update El Paso County Regional Water and Wastewater Service Plan

  • Utility Management Institute Module I - IV

  • Feasibility Studies for Three Binational Natural Gas Projects, in San Luis, AZ – San Luis Rio Colorado, Son.; Columbus, NM – Palomas, Chih. and Presidio, TX – Ojinaga, Chih.

Capacity Building

In collaboration with other entities, NADBank develops and co-sponsors training programs, workshops, webinars and other such activities aimed at strengthening the institutional capacity of local governments and utilities, as well as generating and sharing knowledge about a new sector or technology.


  • Border Energy Forum, San Antonio, TX

Results Measurement

For NADBank, it is important to know that the projects it finances are not only completed as designed, but also perform as intended to improve the environment and related health conditions for border residents. To that end, a Results Measurement System was developed to provide an objective assessment of project outcomes and performance, as well as to measure those results. It consists of two components: a closeout process conducted after the project has been in operation for a year and a more in-depth impact assessment for select projects.

25 Years of Green Investments in Communities in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region

Closeout Reports

The closeout process serves to document and assess the physical facilities built and their performance within a year after initiating operation. It is an effect tool for verifying whether the project was constructed as approved and has been operating as intended.

View Projects with Closeout Reports

Aggregate Closeout Report: December 2022

Impact Assessments

An impact assessment is performed to ascertain the actual impact of the project on specific environmental and human health indicators in the long-term. It serves to verify whether the project is having an impact beyond its physical outputs and outcomes by providing environmental and health benefits to the intended population.

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