Vision, Mission & Core Values


NADBank is a leader in binational cooperation, catalyzing environmental infrastructure investments to achieve sustainable development in the communities it serves through exemplary and innovative financial, technical and environmental solutions of the highest standards.


NADBank provides financing to support the development and implementation of environmental infrastructure projects, as well as technical and other assistance for projects and actions that help preserve, protect and enhance the environment of the border region in order to advance the well-being of the people of the United States and Mexico.

Core Values


We are responsive to the needs of our clients for the benefit of the border communities.

Transparency and Accountability

We share and handle information in an open, inclusive, clear and responsible manner, and are answerable to ourselves and our stakeholders for our actions. We are good stewards of public funds.


We pursue the highest standards in our endeavors.


We are principled, ethical and committed to our mission.


We promote sustainability and knowledge so as to ensure that the future of border communities is better than today, and our ability to serve is preserved.