Transparency and Project Complaints

Transparency and accountability are core values of the North American Development Bank (“NADBank” or the “Bank”). As required by chapter II, article III, sections 14 and 15 of its charter, NADBank has established a framework related to public access to information, public notice of projects under consideration, a grievance mechanism regarding projects supported by the NADBank, and a mechanism by which independent assessments could be requested regarding the observance of the NADBank’s environmental mandate. These four NADBank policies are below.

Policies regarding Disclosure and Confidentiality, which establish guidelines for the public availability of documentary information in the possession of NADBank and for designating certain information as protected from disclosure.

Public Notice Policies, which establish requirements for providing notice of public meetings of the NADBank Board of Directors, applications for project certification and financing, requests for technical assistance, and projects that will be considered for certification and financing by the NADBank Board of Directors.

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Policy regarding Complaints from Groups Affected by Projects, which defines guidelines for submittal of complaints by groups alleging they have been adversely affected by projects that the Bank has assisted or approved for certification and financing. Complaints can be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors through the Managing Director of the Bank at: 203 S. St. Mary’s, San Antonio, Texas 78205.  Complaints may also be submitted using the following link:

Complaints should be submitted without fear of reprisal or retaliation of any type by NADBank. Any such act of reprisal or retaliation by NADBank staff should also be promptly reported to NADBank, who shall ensure that such incidents are investigated fully, taking into consideration conflict of interest principles.

Policy for Independent Assessments, which establishes procedures whereby, upon request by an external entity, the NADBank Board of Directors may obtain an independent assessment to determine whether the provisions of Chapter III of the Charter, or the policies related to that chapter, have been observed. Chapter III of the Charter is related primarily to NADBank’s environmental purpose and functions.