Bid Opportunities

NADBank publishes bid notices for goods, works or services to be contracted directly by NADBank, as well as those related to projects financed with NADBank loans or grants. In the latter case, the project sponsors are responsible for carrying out the procurement process and awarding the respective contract(s).

For more information about a specific bid process, contact the person or entity indicated in the bid notice.

Date Posted Type Project Title Bid Deadline Download

09 / May / 2024

Public work related services

Bid Deadline: 29 / May / 2024

Management, coordination and supervision services for rehabilitation of Lift Stations PB1-A and PB1-B, and the International Collector in the municipality of the Tijuana, Baja California.

Date Posted: 09 / May / 2024 Type: Public work related services

29 / May / 2024


09 / May / 2024

Public works

Bid Deadline: 03 / Jun / 2024

Rehabilitation of Lift Station PB1-A and PB1-B in the municipality of Tijuana, B. C.

Date Posted: 09 / May / 2024 Type: Public works

03 / Jun / 2024


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