Brownsville, Texas, USA

Wastewater Collection System Project, Residential Connections in FM 511-802 Colonia in Brownsville, Texas

Status: Completed


BPUB provides water, wastewater and electrical services for the City of
Brownsville and neighboring areas. Water coverage is 97.9% and wastewater
coverage is 97.3% for a total of 45,235 residential connections.

Residents within the project area currently use on-site septic tank or drain field systems, with a few dwellings being served by other types of on-site systems. Most of the on-site wastewater disposal systems were installed prior to Cameron County's adoption of model subdivision rules and septic tank design standards. Due to population density, small lot sizes, high water tables and poor storm water drainage, the majority of these systems are
generally considered to be substandard. In a large portion of the project area, a health hazard likely exists, particularly during wet weather.

In 2012, the BPUB received funding from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) through its Economically Distressed Areas Program (EDAP) for the planning, acquisition, design, and construction of a sanitary collection system to serve the needs of the project area. EDAP-funded components include the construction of sewer lines and force mains, the installation of new lift stations, upgrades to existing lift stations, and connection to the
City's existing collection system. However, funding was not provided under the EDAP program for the connection of homes to the new sewer system. Due to the strained economic conditions of the project area, BPUB has requested funding to support residents in completing the connection from the house to the collection system at the property line and to decommission all septic tank systems and cesspools.

Construction of the wastewater collection system began in 2013 and is being
overseen by the TWDB. The proposed collection system will transport wastewater from the resident's property line to Brownsville PUB's South Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on East Road.


  • The proposed project consists of the following components:
    Approximately 91,900 linear feet of 8, 10, and 12-inch PVC gravity
    sewer lines;
  • Approximately 43,500 linear feet of 4, 6, and 8-inch PVC force
  • Installation of seven new wastewater lift stations;
    Upgrades to three existing lift stations;
  • Connection to the city's WWCS through an existing gravity sewer
    line; and
  • Up to 465 sewer yard-line connections and decommissioning of all
    on-site sanitary systems inside the residential property.


The project will provide first-time access to wastewater services in an
unserved area, eliminate exposure to untreated or inadequately treated
wastewater discharges, and contribute to the reduction of water pollution and
the risk of waterborne diseases. It is estimated that 0.21 million gallons per
day (mgd) of wastewater will be collected and treated through the new

Specifically, up to 465 homes will be connected to the new sewer system with
BEIF funding.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 29.75M
NADBank Funding US 3.63M - NADBank Grant: BEIF
Other Funding Partners Border Environment Infrastructure