Evaluation of the Impact of the Basic Sanitation Infrastructure in Communities of the Juarez Valley, Chih. 2013-2014

The "Evaluation of the impact of the basic sanitation infrastructure in the communities of the Juarez Valley, Chihuahua, Mexico (2013-2014)", arose in response to the Resolution of the Directing Council (Council) of the Border Ecological Cooperation Commission (BECC ))) and of the North American Development Bank (NADB) of December 8, 2011, on the evaluation of the impact of projects certified and financed by both institutions. This report documents the impact assessment for a group of communities along the US-Mexico border, which due to its population and activity are characteristic and representative of the Juarez Valley. The communities of El Porvenir, Guadalupe, Dr. Porfirio Parra and Praxedis G. Guerrero, whose sanitation projects were approved for certification by the Council in 2007 and whose execution was completed between 2009 and 2010.

Report File