Results Measurements: First Aggregated Report

In accordance with the Board of Directors (BOD) resolution 2006-24, BECC and NADB developed a joint Results Measurement System (RMS) for certified and funded projects. The RMS includes completing a closeout process for all projects certified since 2006. The BOD instructed staff to present annual highlights and as well as periodic aggregate reports. The annual highlights are included in the year-in-review and contained within this report are the aggregate results of the close-out process (COP) completed to date. This first aggregate COP report provides a comprehensive view of indicators for each infrastructure sector, success stories and lessons learned, as well as the achievements of the institutional programs.

The BECC-NADB RMS was developed to provide an objective assessment of the results of the institutions, moving its practice from ‘implementation-based’ to ‘results-based’ evaluation and determining whether or not implemented projects generated the expected results. 

The RMS reflects the experience and best practices of multilateral development banks (MDB), emphasizes simplicity and cost-effectiveness, recognizes a continuous system, the outcomes are based on primarily on access to the infrastructure and the impacts are based on the intended use of the infrastructure. Overall, the RMS provides accountability on performance and results achieved.

Report File