August 01, 2023

U.S. Cong. Scott Peters, NADBank and EnerSmart celebrate ribbon-cutting for battery energy storage system in Chula Vista

  •  NADBank and Siemens Financial are providing the financing for this project developed by EnerSmart

 Chula Vista, California – This morning, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-50), the North American Development Bank (NADBank), and EnerSmart, a local Solana Beach renewable energy company, celebrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new 6-megawatt in alternating current (MWAC) energy storage system. This is the first project in a portfolio of nine storage facilities containing 50 blocks comprising three battery containers each, to be built at nine sites located within San Diego County, California.

Joining Congressman Scott Peters at the ceremony was John Beckham, Deputy Managing Director of NADBank; Jason Anderson, President and CEO of Clean Tech San Diego; and James Beach, Co-CEO of EnerSmart.

“I supported the USMCA Implementation Law in 2020, which contained $225 million for an infusion of capital for NADBank,” said Rep. Scott Peters. “These funds support projects related to water, as well as other sustainable projects in areas like clean energy and energy efficiency. What makes today so momentous is the combined effort of the North American Development Bank along with EnerSmart, a local company, to support a more reliable power grid right here in our own backyard.”

This facility is comprised of six energy storage containers, six inverters, two transformers, and two switch boxes. Electricity to and from the grid will be delivered and stored through specific, existing transmission (Gen-Tie) line owned by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). The Project will help integrate electricity generated by intermittent renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, and will also support a more reliable power grid, by minimizing power disruptions and reducing energy losses resulting from mismatches in supply and demand.

“NADBank is pleased to have partnered with EnerSmart to provide 50% of $78.2 million in financing for the design, construction and operation of the portfolio of energy storage facilities that will have a combined capacity of 150 MWAC. These facilities will increase energy efficiency to maximize the use of renewable energy, while helping displace CO2 emissions” stated Mr. Beckham. He added that “energy storage is one of the latest examples of NADBank evolving to better invest in the infrastructure that the dynamic and growing border region needs.”

“As a battery storage innovator, we’re proud to help California achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2045 and 90% clean energy by 2035,” said James Beach, co-founder and managing partner for EnerSmart. “Battery storage is critical to the state’s clean energy future and this new storage project in Chula Vista will help keep the lights on while also creating a healthier environment for the community.”


NADBank is a financial institution established and capitalized in equal parts by the United States and Mexico for the purpose of financing environmental infrastructure projects along their common border. As a pioneer institution in its field, the Bank is working to develop environmentally and financially sustainable projects with broad community support in a framework of close cooperation and coordination between Mexico and the United States.