Cocopah, Arizona, USA

Developing Wastewater Reuse Design on Cocopah Tribal Lands

Status: In progress

Proposal by the Cocopah Indian Tribe will implement an environmental restoration project that would utilize the City of Yuma's (COY) treated wastewater. The purpose of the proposal will address two main efforts which are to assess the quality of the COY's treated wastewater that discharges into the Colorado River on Cocopah tribal lands; and to develop a plan that will benefit the community. This includes the design of a parian/wetland restoration project that will be supported by the reuse of the treated water. This will further the tribe's plan to initiate the assessment, planning, and design for the tribal community and will complement other ongoing environmental efforts undertaken by the Tribe.

Contact: Jennifer Alspach, Cocopah Environmental Protection Office Director

Project Financing