Sasabe, Sonora, Mexico

Construction of Wastewater Collection and Treatment System in Sásabe,Sonora

Status: Completed


In El Sásabe, the entire community has access to potable water; however there are no wastewater collection and treatment services. Disposal of residential wastewater is carried out through latrines, some septic tanks and uncontrolled ground runoffs.


This project is part of the municipality’s comprehensive wastewater treatment program. Major components of the project include the construction of a sewer system, a collector, influent sewer main and 310 household hookups. This effort will serve to complement the wastewater treatment facilities that are currently under construction with grants from
the State of Sonora. The treated wastewater will be used for agricultural purposes.


This project will provide first-time sewer and sanitation services to the entire community of El Sásabe, Sonora, which will protect public health and the environment by eliminating potential human-health hazards and environmental contamination associated with the inadequate disposal of wastewater. The project will also benefit Sasabe, Arizona, and the
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 0.94M
NADB Funding US 0.43M - NADB Grant: BEIF
Other Funding Partners Border Environment Infrastructure Fund ( BEIF)
Comisión Nacional del Agua (CNA)
Mexican State and Local Funds