El Paso County, Texas, Texas, USA

Drinking Water Distribution System for the Hillcrest Subdivision in El Paso County, Texas

Status: Pre-construction


Residents of Hillcrest currently do not have access to water distribution, wastewater collection or solid waste services. Area residents have water delivered and stored in private on-site tanks. In addition to the expense associated with hauled water, there are significant risks for exposure to waterborne diseases due to improper handling or the use of un-sanitized water tanks or storage containers. Area residents rely on on-site sanitary systems such as septic tanks to manage their wastewater. Hillcrest is not currently slated as a priority area for a sewer system due to the high cost per connection, the large lot sizes and the lack of nearby infrastructure for tie-in, as well as the satisfactory operation of the on-site systems.  


The project consists of constructing a drinking water distribution system for the Hillcrest subdivision. he new waterlines will connect to the existing El Paso Water (EPW) distribution system with a master meter located near the corner of Augusta Drive and Bernard Drive. While El Paso County will maintain ownership of the infrastructure, EPW will supply the water and provide all operation and maintenance services. To enhance the benefits of the project, planning and design included considerations for using the waterline along Zaragoza Road as a transmission line for current and future EPW distribution services.


The project will provide first-time access to a safe and reliable drinking water service for 107 homes and thus eliminate the risks of contamination and waterborne diseases associated with hauling water and the use of on-site storage tanks.  Additionally, residents in the area will receive curbside solid waste collections services, which will be billed with the water service and provided by a company contracted by the County.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 3.28M
NADBank Funding US 1.6M - NADBank Grant: BEIF
Other Funding Partners U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development