Vinton, Texas, USA

Drinking Water Distribution System for Vinton, Texas

Status: Completed


El Paso Water (EPW) provides adequate drinking water service to approximately 30% of the community. The remaining residents have access to service from four private water companies or use private on-site wells. The existing distribution systems consist of undersized pipes that do not meet fire flow or pressure requirements. The systems are not looped and require frequent line flushing to prevent stagnate water. The wells used by the private providers produce poor quality water that requires treatment to meet primary quality standards for human consumption. In 2014, sample tests of the local water supply revealed excessive levels of arsenic, total dissolved solids, and the presence of coliforms.


The project consists of constructing a new drinking water distribution system. A new drinking water source will be made available through an inter-local agreement with EPW. The agreement provides for the connection of the new drinking water system to its infrastructure and water supply. Although Vinton will own the new water system, EPW will operate and maintain it.


The purpose of the Project is to provide reliable and sustainable drinking water service and thus reduce the human health risks associated with waterborne diseases, by replacing the small, substandard water systems currently in use with new distribution infrastructure and access to a fully compliant water source for 367 homes. The Project will eliminate exposure to arsenic and pathogenic organisms present in the current water supply.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 10.6M
NADBank Funding US 3.5M - NADBank Grant: BEIF