Roma, Texas, USA

Equipment for Landfill Operations in Roma, Texas

Status: Completed


The City provides waste collection and disposal services to more than 14,100 residents of Roma and Escobares, Texas. In 2013, the City began the process of acquiring additional property adjacent to the previous landfill. The current facility was expanded and permitted in late 2020.

The permit requires the use of a compactor as part of the Site Operating Plan to meet daily compacting and waste spreading requirements. Compaction is an essential process that helps contain leachate by eliminating low spots that collect water, prevents water from seeping through the cell, reduces fire risk by decreasing air pockets for the accumulation of gases and helps stop the proliferation of insects, rodents and other vectors, which may have direct health impacts to area residents. Effective landfill compaction maximizes the amount of waste that can be placed in a minimal amount of space. Failure to maximize space shortens the lifespan of a landfill.


The project consists of the acquisition of a new compactor with the following specifications: Performance per shift of 200 – 500 tons, with a peak load of 250 tons per hour for spread and compaction and compactor shall include a straight blade bulldozer, striker bars with cleaner fingers, and no-spin front and rear axles.


The new compactor will ensure the proper disposal of approximately 40 metric tons/day of municipal solid waste and special waste, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, which will help maintain the optimum life of the new landfill. Additionally, having access to proper waste disposal services will help minimize the potential for illegal dumping and the associated environmental and health risks.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 0.50M
NADBank Funding US 0.45M - NADBank Grant: CAP
Other Funding Partners City of Roma