El Paso, Texas, USA

Expansion of the Jonathan Rogers Water Treatment Plant in El Paso, Texas

Status: Completed


El Paso Water Utilities has conducted several planning studies that identified the need to conserve the groundwater resources and improve the regional water supplies. The planning studies also forecasted the water demand needed and identified the water management strategy that will accommodate the projected growth in the area. The implementation of the Jonathan Rogers Water Treatment plant expansion not only will reduce the burden on limited groundwater resources in the El Paso area, but also, will supply the “colonias” residents who lack adequate and safe supplies of water. Many of these colonias have been identified as having an elevated incidence of Hepatitis and other diseases caused by contaminated water supplies.


The purpose of the project is to conserve groundwater resources, improve water supplies, and provide water to currently under- served (colonia) areas of El Paso County. Without the implementation of this project the groundwater resource in the El Paso area will be diminished much faster and the cost of potable water will increase drastically.


The project includes the expansion of the Jonathan Rogers Water Treatment Plant. The project consists of adding 20 MGD of capacity to the existing 40 MGD plant and the construction of a major transmission pipeline ranging in size from 42" to 54" to connect two existing pipeline systems so that the increased water production can be utilized.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 37.83M
NADBank Funding US 14.91M - NADBank Grant: BEIF

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Results Measurement

Results are measured upon completion of the project through a closeout process that assesses project performance within 6-12 months after completion, as well as the achievement of the goals and objectives established at the time of project certification and financing approval.


Improve access to reliable drinking water service


Actual (2012)

Increase drinking water capacity (mgd)


Decrease demand on groundwater resources

Up to 20 MGD



Increase Treatment System (mgd)


54"Transmission line (lf)


Significant project contributions

Increase Drinking Water Capacity (60 mgd)