Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico

Improvement to Wastewater Collection and Treatment System for Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua

Status: Completed


Only about 26 percent of the residents of this small community currently
receive sewage collection services. In addition, the city does not have a
wastewater treatment facility and raw sewage is discharged to the land,
which results in the contamination of the region’s underground water
sources, soil and air.


The goal of this project is to make improvements to the city’s wastewater collection and treatment services. This includes rehabilitating and expanding the current wastewater collection system, as well as constructing a wastewater treatment plant.

The wastewater will be treated in an anaerobic lagoon, a facultative lagoon and a wetland, with a total capacity of 34 liters per second. Since the area does not have a receiving body such as a river, the treated effluent will be discharged to a disposal site of six hectares of land, where trees will be planted.

This project will be carried out in two phases over a 20-year period.


Upon completion of this project, wastewater collection and treatment services will be available to all residents in Puerto Palomas. Thereby, improving the overall health and well being of current and future populations of this city. In addition, natural resources such as the water, soil and air will no longer be threatened by raw sewage contamination.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 2.66M
NADBank Funding US 1.86M - NADBank Grant: BEIF
Other Funding Partners Mexican National Water Commission (CONAGUA)
Chihuahua State water agency (JCAS)