Edinburg, Texas, USA

Improvements in water conservation for the Hidalgo County ID 1

Status: Completed


The District is supplied by water released from the Falcon Reservoir and diverted from the Rio Grande River through a series of drainage ditches that connect to the Hidalgo County Master Drainage System. The District also diverts water for Santa Cruz Irrigation District No. 1 and Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 13.

In the 1980’s the District began an improvements project for two sections of its system: 1) the North Branch-East Main System and 2) the Curry Main System.

The North Branch-East Main System provides irrigation water to 3,783 acres east of Edinburg. It consists of concrete-lined canals constructed about 75 years ago. It is estimated that due to the irregular grading and deterioration of the canals, the system only delivers 50 percent of the required irrigation capacity.

The Curry Main System is a concrete lined-canal constructed in the 1920’s to provide irrigation service to 7,500 acres east of Edinburg. The existing lining is in extremely poor condition due to deterioration, which has resulted in several line breaks. Maintenance is an ongoing problem as the seepage from line breaks contributes to a swell-shrink cycle, thus producing more breaks.


The District is proposing a project to replace dilapidated, open-air concrete canals with reinforced concrete pipes. The project is divided into two phases.

I. North Branch-East Main Project: Replacement of 26,000 feet of canal with 48”to 60”rubber gasketed, reinforced concrete pipe.

II. Curry Main Project: Replacement of approximately 5,000 feet of canal with 72” rubber gasketed, reinforced pipe.


The project will practically eliminate water losses from seepage and evaporation, as well as improve hydraulic efficiency through improved pressurization. Upon completion of both project components, it is estimated that the District will save 4,625 acre-feet of water a year. Energy savings from improved pressurization are estimated at 885,675 KWH/year on average. In addition, closing the open canal will eliminate a potential drowning hazard, as well as contribute to better vector control.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 5.78M
NADBank Funding US 2.89M - NADBank Grant: WCIF