Don Martin Irrigation District No. 004, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Infrastructure Program for the State of Nuevo Leon: Modernization and Improvements to Don Martin Irrigation District 004 in Anahuac, Nuevo Leon

Status: Completed


The Project will increase water management efficiency, including water conservation efforts in agricultural activities through the modernization of water distribution infrastructure and improvements to irrigation systems, resulting in a decrease in water extraction from the reservoir to reach a sustainable water volume of 146.2 million cubic meters (Mm3 ).


The proposed project consists of the rehabilitation and modernization of the Don Martin Irrigation District 004 (DMID or “District”), located in Anahuac, Nuevo Leon and includes lining or enclosing distribution infrastructure and irrigation system improvements (the “Project”).


The expected environmental and human health benefit expected from the implementation of the Project is to increase water use efficiency in the DMID to an estimated 60%.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 49.9M
NADBank Funding US 7.43M - NADBank Loan
Other Funding Partners Federal and state funding