Dixieland, California, USA

SEPV Imperial Solar Project in Dixieland, California

Status: Completed


The State of California has legislated goals requiring all electricity retailers in the state to generate a progressively greater percentage of their retail sales from renewable energy. State Senate Bill 350 signed in October 2015 required that the target of electricity generation from renewable resources be increased from 33% by 2020 to 50% by 2030. Since 2009, the Imperial Irrigation District (IID)—the sixth largest public power utility in the state, managing more than 1,100 MW of power plant capacity—has taken several steps to increase its renewable energy mix, including through power purchase agreements for biomass and solar energy.

Project Scope

The project consisted of the design, construction and operation of two solar facilities: SEPV Dixieland West with a generation capacity of 3.0 megawatts of alternating current (MWAC) and SEPV Dixieland East with a capacity of 2.0 MWAC. The electricity generated by the  solar parks is being purchased by IID.


Reduced demand for traditional fossil-fuel based energy generation resulting in less greenhouse gases, thus improving air quality, while providing the citizens of Dixieland, with a safe, reliable energy alternative. Specifically, the project is expected to help prevent the emission of more than 4,319 metric tons/year of carbon dioxide (CO2), as well as other pollutants.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost Reserved
NADBank Funding US 9.66M - NADBank Loan