Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Solid Waste Collection Equipment Project in Tijuana, Baja California

Status: Completed construction


Population growth in the last decade in the city of  Tijuana  has created an excessive production of waste and an extraordinary demand for public services, in particular the collection, transfer and disposal of  municipal  solid  waste. The deficit in collection service caused by a lack of infrastructure causes the uncontrolled disposal of significant amounts of solid waste in illegal landfills, empty lots, and creek beds. As a result, this creates unhealthy and high risk conditions for the environment and the public.


The objective of the project is to improve solid waste management by the acquisition of new equipment. The Project contributes to the reduction of the risk for diseases caused by pollution due to illegal  dumping  of  domestic waste in the streets and in areas such as creeks and other open areas in Tijuana, Baja California


The scope of the Project was to the project improve solid waste management through the acquisition of new  equipment that will serve to extend collection service to unserved areas and improve operations at the transfer stations

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 4.68M
NADB Funding US 1.72M - NADB Loan
US 0.5M - NADB Grant: SWEP

Project Photos

Results Measurement

Results are measured upon completion of the project through a closeout process that assesses project performance within 6-12 months after completion, as well as the achievement of the goals and objectives established at the time of project certification and financing approval.


Increase access to solid waste collection services


Actual 2014

service coverage




Collection Vehicles


Operation Vehicles (used at the transfer stations)


Significant project contributions

The city’s collection service coverage increased from 82.4% at time of certification to 93% after project implementation, this represents nearly 400,000 households receiving this important service.