Patagonia, Arizona, USA

Solid Waste Landfill Project in Patagonia, Arizona

Status: Completed


Patagonia collects approximately a thousand tons of solid waste annually, which were disposed of in the Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Facility until 2005, when the landfill closed due to lack of capacity.
Currently, Patagonia hauls its waste about 30 miles for disposal in the landfill facility of Sonoita, Arizona.

The Town owns the landfill, which covers approximately 80 acres and is located 1.8 miles from downtown Patagonia. Until its closure, landfill operations consisted of the disposal of municipal solid waste within an existing canyon area, with landfill access from the east and south.

The Town has a multi-phase Municipal Solid Waste Facility Plan to bring the landfill into compliance with state and federal regulations and to continue its development in a planned and sequential manner over the life of the facility. The plan includes the expansion of the waste disposal area and the installation of surface and storm water control systems and
environmental monitoring systems, as well as closure of each disposal area as it reaches capacity.

In 2004, the Town completed construction of certain Phase 1 landfill improvements needed to operate the existing disposal area in compliance with environmental regulations. The project sponsor is now seeking funding for construction of Phase 2 of the sanitary landfill.


The proposed project consists of constructing a 5.9-acre disposal area known as the Middle Ridge, as well as closure of the existing disposal area. Major components of the project include:

  • Mass excavation of approximately one-third of the Middle Ridge
  • Construction of access roads;
  • Construction of the North perimeter storm-water diversion channel;
  • Construction of storm water detention basin C and associated appurtenances; and
  • Construction of the final cover system for the existing disposal area

The useful life expectancy for the additional capacity is approximately 10 years.


Implementing the project will allow the Town to continue providing solid waste disposal services to Patagonia residents in order to prevent the environmental and human health concerns associated with improperly managed solid waste. The landfill will also continue to
operate in compliance with state and federal requirements, thus reducing the potential for contamination of air, soil and underground water resources. Additionally, the project will reduce waste disposal costs for customers in Patagonia and surrounding communities, by eliminating the need to haul garbage to a distant landfill.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 0.53M
NADBank Funding US 0.34M - NADBank Grant: SWEP
Other Funding Partners U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)