Monterrey , Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Treated Wastewater Distribution Network Expansion Project in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Status: Completed


Founded in 1956, SADM is one of the largest and best-run water utilities
in Mexico, with 94% commercial efficiency. The utility provides water
distribution and wastewater collection services to 99% and 98% of
residents, respectively. Moreover, SADM treats 100% of its wastewater
in six wastewater treatment plants with a total treatment capacity of 217
millions of gallons per day (mgd).

Monterrey is located in the Rio Grande basin and obtains its water supply
from 70% surface water and 30% groundwater. Because of steady
demographic and industrial growth, SADM is continually seeking ways
to increase its supply sources in order to meet the growing demand for
additional drinking water.

In 2000, the state congress authorized the utility to provide treated
wastewater for reuse in irrigation and industrial processes. As a result,
SADM undertook a project to construct a treated wastewater distribution
system that could provide service to industrial and commercial users
throughout the city’s metropolitan area. The utility has already built 99
miles of pipeline and 10 pump stations that can distribute 33.10 mgd of
treated wastewater to 76 industrial customers. SADM is seeking funding
to expand the current infrastructure in order to take full advantage of its
wastewater reuse capacity.


The proposed project consists of expanding the current treated wastewater distribution system to complete the first phase of construction, and includes the following works:

  • approximately 63 miles of pipeline
  • 10 pump stations
  • 2 storage tanks

These works will allow SADM to increase its treated wastewater distribution capacity by 17.57 mgd., as well as make it possible to supply treated wastewater to 60 additional users.

SADM plans to build a second phase consisting of an additional 63 miles
of pipeline and four pump stations in 2008-2009.


Using treated wastewater in industrial processes and for the irrigation of green areas frees up available drinking water for human consumption in an area prone to drought and water shortages, as well as provides incentive to comply with effluent standards. Wastewater reuse also provides additional water capacity for industrial purposes needed to sustain the continued economic development of the region.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 66.35M
NADBank Funding US 27.31M - NADBank Loan
Other Funding Partners Servicios de Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey (SADM)