Border-wide, Mexico

Value Arrendadora Border-wide Vehicle Program for Public Transportation in Mexico

Status: In process


Based on data from the Mexican national statistics institute, INEGI, an estimated 3.6 million people in the major urban areas of the Mexican border region do not have access to privately-owned vehicles and, therefore, depend on public transport to support their daily activities. In addition, many companies offer private bus service to transport their personnel to and from manufacturing and other facilities.


Value has established a program to lease or finance up to 223 vehicles with cleaner technologies for public and private personnel transportation services within the Mexican border region. NADB is participating in the program by providing a loan to Value through various contracts for the partial funding of the vehicles to be leased or financed through the program.


The project is expected to improve public transportation systems in the Mexican border region by providing access to new vehicles that offer a comfortable, safe and rapid transportation option for the existing market, as well as encourage more people to use public transportation instead of other less efficient means of transportation, such as taxis or private vehicles.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 28.6M
NADBank Funding US 24.36M - NADBank Loan