Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation and Improvements Project Tijuana, Baja California

Status: Completed


Continuous spills experienced in the border region due to clogging and collapses of old sewer pipes in the Tijuana River Watershed resulted in the development of a sewer rehabilitation project for city of Tijuana. The proposed areas for rehabilitation, were prioritized by CESPT in coordination with BECC, EPA, and the State of California. The prioritization criteria included sewer line condition data; overflow, repair records, and users complaints;  potential  wastewater discharge volumes; and proximity to the  Tijuana  River  and the border. This project is referred to as Tijuana Sana.


The purpose of the Project was to eliminate exposure to untreated wastewater discharges by rehabilitating existing wastewater collection lines within the proximity to the Tijuana River, reducing groundwater pollution and the risk of waterborne diseases


The project consisted of the rehabilitation and improvements to 81.4 miles (131,000 linear meters) of the WWC system within the Tijuana River Watershed to convey wastewater to
the existing South Bay International and San Antonio de los Buenos Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 42.02M
NADBank Funding US 5.11M - NADBank Loan
US 18.01M - NADBank Grant: BEIF

Project Photos