Douglas, Arizona, USA

Water and Wastewater System Improvements Project in Douglas, Arizona

Status: Completed


The existing Douglas municipal wastewater collection system is generally comprised of vitrified clay pipe originally installed in 1906. Wastewater flows to the Douglas wastewater treatment plant through 163,890 linear feet of pipe. Approximately, 30 percent of the collection system is deficient due to leaks or overloaded lines. In addition, 18,160 linear feet
of the collection lines have flow velocities of less than two feet per second, which can lead to sewer overflows caused by an accumulation of solids and clogged pipes.

Deficiencies also plague the city’s water distribution system. Improvements needed include a new pressure zone to serve residents east of Van Buren Avenue and new transmission pipelines to convey water to the Fairview and Pirtleville colonias.


The purpose of this project is to expand and rehabilitate the existing water
distribution and wastewater collection systems.

Major Water Distribution Improvements:

  • Construct approximately 28,785 linear feet of new lines.
  • Replace or expand approximately 27,510 linear feet of existing
    water lines.
  • Install a programmable logic controller to replace the 25-year old
    telemetry system.

Wastewater Collection System Improvements:

  • Construct an additional 50,734 linear feet of new sewer lines.
  • Rehabilitate or expand 52,126 linear feet of leaking or overloaded
    wastewater lines.
  • Install 450 sewer connections for current colonia residents.


The proposed project will provide first-time wastewater collection and treatment services to residents of the Pirtleville, Bay Acres, and Fairview colonias, thus improving their quality of life. Eliminating untreated sewage discharges from faulty septic systems and from broken
wastewater collection lines within the city limits, will provide a healthier environment for all residents of Douglas and the surrounding colonias. Creating a new pressure zone and rehabilitating the water distribution system will reduce water losses from leaky waterlines and improve the delivery and quality of potable water.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 8.47M
NADB Funding US 3.72M - NADB Grant: BEIF
Other Funding Partners Border Environment Infrastructure Fund ( BEIF)
Institutional Development Cooperation Program (IDP)
U.S Corps of Engineers
U.S Department of Agriculture Rural Development
City of Douglas, Arizona