Douglas, Arizona, USA

Water and Wastewater System Improvements Project in Douglas, Arizona

Status: Completed


In 2001, the drinking water and wastewater collection systems serving the residents of Douglas had exceeded their useful life and were significantly deteriorated. In addition to insufficient coverage and failing septic tank systems, approximately 30% of the wastewater collection system was deficient due to leaks or overloaded lines, while 18,160 feet of sewer lines had flow velocities of less than two feet per second, allowing solids to accumulate and clog the pipes. Improvements needed in the water distribution system included a new pressure zone to serve residents of east Van Buren Avenue and new transmission lines to convey water to the Fairview and Pirtleville colonias.

Project Scope

Water system improvements consisted of constructing 55,795 linear feet of distribution lines, as well as rehabilitating a booster station and a pressure reducing station. Wastewater system improvements included the construction of 83,770 linear feet of sewer lines and more than 170 manholes and fittings.


The project provided a healthier environment for all residents of Douglas and the surrounding colonias by eliminating untreated sewage discharges from broken sewer lines. In addition, rehabilitating the distribution system and providing a new pressure zone improved the delivery and quality of drinking water and reduced water losses from leaky waterlines.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 7.08M
NADBank Funding US 3.67M - NADBank Grant: BEIF
Other Funding Partners City of Douglas, Arizona
Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA)