Los Fresnos, Texas, USA

Water Conservation Improvements Los Fresnos,TX

Status: Completed


The project sponsor is BID, a public entity governed by Chapters 49 and 58 of the Texas Water Code, whose ruling body is a Board consisting of user representatives.  BID diverts 100% of the water used in the district from the Rio Grande River.  The water that is used is released from the Falcon Reservoir.  BID holds from the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) a Certificate of Adjudication authorizing them to divert up to 17,478.025 acre-feet for irrigation. 

BID’s global efficiency on water delivered for irrigation has been estimated by the District to be approximately 70 percent. The on-farm field distribution and application efficiencies vary depending on crop type, land slope, soil type, method of irrigation application, irrigation practice, flow rate of delivered water and various other factors.  The estimated average ratio of the quantity of crop consumption use to irrigation water delivered ranges from 80 to 90 percent.

BID proposes replacing existing dilapidated concrete and earthen-lined canals with rubber-gasketed jointed reinforced concrete pipe.  The project has four parts: 

  • Northeast 113 Earthen Canal Project
  • North 113 Canal Project
  • South 113 Canal Project
  • Unit One Project


The proposed project will provide a more efficient means of water delivery thus increasing the availability of the water and sustainability for irrigation use. This water conservation has the potential to partially offset water shortages within the district during periods of drought.  An increase in availability of water could also reduce the risk of diseases associated with the lack of water for irrigation use.  In addition, the change in conveyance method from open canal to pipeline could reduce the hazard of drowning and other public health issues relative to vector control.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 1.43M