Anthony, New Mexico, USA

Water Improvements Project in Anthony, New Mexico

Status: Completed


The initial condition to be addressed for the project was the existence of Nitrate at Well # 4, identified by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) in March 2004. NMED issued a violation notice with an order to stop production at the site. Consequently, the project sponsor placed the well offline and increased production at the remaining sources (six wells). However, this temporary solution was flawed because of several factors, including the over-extraction of water supply at the wells beyond their ground water pumping diversion allotments and insufficient water quality which contains arsenic above the maximum contaminant level (MCL). The current EPA standard for arsenic in drinking water is 10 ppb. After drilling a new well at the Well#4 site, Nitrates were no longer present; therefore, the project was re-scoped to achieve compliant arsenic levels.


The purpose of the project was to improve water quality through a Reverse Osmosis arsenic removal treatment system and the construction and rehabilitation of wells, which contributes to the reduction of the risk of water borne diseases associated with high levels of arsenic.


The project consists of the construction of a drinking water treatment plant and associated water well equipment in Anthony, New Mexico.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 8.82M
NADBank Funding US 2.76M - NADBank Grant: BEIF

Project Photos

Results Measurement

Results are measured upon completion of the project through a closeout process that assesses project performance within 6-12 months after completion, as well as the achievement of the goals and objectives established at the time of project certification and financing approval.


Improve access to drinking water


Actual (2014)

Improve drinking water quality (gpm)


Compliance with applicable regulations (ppb)




Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facility (gpm)


Construction of wells 1 and 4 and equipment at wells 3 and 6


10" transmission line (lf)


Significant project finding(s)

Improved drinking water quality within regulatory requirements. Quality at 7.72 ppb of arsenic (2014).