Colonia Esperanza Mpio. Praxedis G.Gro. , Chihuahua, Mexico

Expansion of the Water Disribution System in Colonia Esperanza, Chihuahua

Status: Completed


In 2009, the Colonia Esperanza water distribution system reached approximately 50 percent of the population, the remaining 50 percent of the population received drinking water by one of three ways: 1) Trough non-compliant connections to the existing water distribution system; 2) hauling by water trucks; 3) via community tap. All three methods presented potential health risks to the inhabitants utilizing these sources. At certification time, the water system had several deficiencies like: insufficient pressure in water distribution lines due to lack of appropriate storage, looping, and water loss.


The purpose of this project was the provision of reliable water services to 100% of the community, through the rehabilitation and expansion of the water distribution system, including the construction of new domestic hookups, the rehabilitation of existing hookups, a new disinfection unit, and a telemetry system to automate the operation of the well storage tank, contributing to the reduction of risk of waterborne diseases.


The project consists of the expansion of the water system to unserved areas in the community, which includes the construction of new residential hookups, as well as the rehabilitation of existing hookups, a chlorine disinfection system to ensure the water complies with federal regulations for drinking water quality and the installation of a telemetry system to automate well-storage tank.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 0.34M
NADBank Funding US 0.17M - NADBank Grant: BEIF
Other Funding Partners Project Sponsor (JCAS - JMAS)