Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Municipal Paving Project in Mexicali, Baja California

Status: Completed


In 2011, Mexicali had a paving deficit of about 33% of its streets. Most of the unpaved streets are located in residential neighborhoods where the roads are used on a daily basis.

The lack of paving, combined with dry and windy weather conditions, contributes to the generation of significant emissions of fugitive dust (PM10) in the Project area. In fact, the neighboring county of Imperial, California has been designated as a non-attainment area for PM10, with conditions classified as serious.

The air quality in this region generates health risks linked to prolonged exposure to PM10. The strong relationship between exposure to high concentrations of particles in the air and the incidence of respiratory illnesses has been documented in medical reports.

To address this issue, the City is undertaking a program to increase street paving coverage in order to reduce human exposure to air pollution and provide proper infrastructure for transportation.


The proposed project, which is divided into three phases, consists of paving 1,094,668 square meters (m2) or 11,783,124 square feet (ft2) of dirt roads in the city, using asphalt. Construction will include gutters and curbs and, if necessary, the rehabilitation of water and wastewater lines.


Street paving will help reduce air pollution caused by vehicular dust, thus improving respiratory health conditions for local residents. Reducing PM10 in the region is also expected to help Imperial County improve conditions influencing its designation as a non-attainment area for this pollutant. Street paving will also provide safer roadways for motorists and allow faster access for emergency services, such as police, firemen and ambulances.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 46.41M
NADBank Funding US 11.02M - Loan
Other Funding Partners City of Mexicali
State of Baja California