Naco, Sonora, Mexico

Air Quality and Paving Project in Naco, Sonora

Status: Completed


There are approximately 156,000 square meters (m2) of unpaved streets in Naco, which represents 70% of the city’s roadways and constitute a serious public health problem for residents on both sides of the border. Vehicular traffic, coupled with prevailing wind conditions, result in the suspension of fine dust particles in the air, particularly during the hot, dry summer months. The strong link between exposure to high concentrations of particles in the air and the incidence of respiratory illnesses has been well documented.

Additional health risks arise during the rainy season, when the unpaved streets become a pathogenic breeding ground due to the accumulation of mud, debris, and trash. Moreover, heavy dust particles in storm runoff are filling the city’s sewer lines with silt, thereby reducing their flow capacity and increasing maintenance requirements and costs.


The project consists of paving a surface area of approximately 62,727 m2 of streets with reinforced concrete or asphalt over a three-year period. Specifically, the project covers 18 roadways with an average width of 12 meters (approx. 39.4 ft) for a total length of 5.57 kilometers (approx. 3.5 miles). With this project, paving coverage will increase from 30% to 60%.

Approximately 60% of the streets are located downtown and the remaining 40% are in residential subdivisions. Only streets that already have proper water supply and wastewater collection infrastructure in place will be paved.


Paving streets will improve air quality and respiratory health conditions not only in Naco, Sonora, but also in the neighboring community of Naco, Arizona, which shares the same air basin. Paving will also provide safer roadways for motorists and allow faster access for emergency services, such as police, firemen and ambulances.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 0.91M
NADBank Funding US 0.42M - Loan