Brawley, California, USA

Wastewater System Improvements in Brawley, California

Status: Completed


Water and wastewater services are provided by the City through its Public Works Department. Wastewater is collected and treated at the Brawley Wastewater Treatment Plant, which has a design capacity of 5.9 million gallons a day (mgd). Current flows to the plant total 3.6 mgd. The facility was upgraded during the first quarter of 2012 with the
installation of new treatment technology.

The City currently needs to address problems in its wastewater collection and conveyance infrastructure. The city’s largest lift station, Lift Station No. 2, pumps approximately 30 percent (1 mgd) of the city's wastewater flows to the treatment plant. Its service area includes Brawley’s hospital, other medical facilities, and approximately 2,000 residential sewer connections. The wet well structure of the station has deteriorated with collapsing concrete walls and pump engines that are frequently clogged by debris, requiring continuous maintenance service, such as motor repairs and vacuum procedures that provide only
temporary relief to the problem. In addition, Lift Station No. 1 requires access to a reliable back-up power source.

The current deteriorated conditions of Lift Station No. 2 and the lack of a back-up power at Lift Station No. 1 constitute a risk for exposure to untreated wastewater discharges.


The project consists of improvements to Lift Stations No. 1 and No. 2 and includes the following components:

  • Installation of two 400-gallon per minute, five-horse power, skid
    mounted Gorman Rupp pumps with electronic level transducers
    and back-up float bulbs for dual control of liquid levels at Lift
    Station 2;
  • Construction of a 6-foot diameter overflow sewer manhole at
    Lift Station 2;
  •  Construction of a 6-foot manhole at Richard Avenue and American Legion Road; and installation of a 4-cycle engine generator at Lift Station 1.


The improvements to the wastewater system will ensure reliable service and greatly reduce the risks of exposure to sewage spills from the failure of lift station operations. The availability of adequate wastewater infrastructure protects the health of residents, as well as local natural resources from pollution.

Project Financing

Total Project Cost US 0.46M
NADBank Funding US 0.45M - NADBank Grant: CAP
Other Funding Partners Community Assistance Program (CAP)
City of Brawley, Califonia